Stakeholders from different sectors have commended efforts made by Shell Tanzania for promoting and pioneering environmental conservation and use of alternative energy as ways of mitigating effects of climate change in the country.

Speaking shortly after a meeting organized by the company to discuss matters related to climate change and use of alternative energy, many stakeholders congratulated Shell Tanzania for being at the forefront to promote better use of the energy in question to protect environment. Representative from the Vice President's Office (Environment), Mr. Joseph Qamara said the government would continue to cooperate with all stakeholders on conservation matters to shun disasters emanating from climate change.

On his part, Managing Director of Shell Tanzania, Mr. Marc den Hartog said there was a need for Tanzanians to embrace changes and switch to alternative energy, saying that was the only remedy for increased impacts of environment degradation which includes drought among others.

“We (Shell Tanzania) will continue to collaborate with the government and other stakeholders in making sure that the environment is protected and arrest all the conditions that instigate climate change,” he said.

He emphasized that climate change matters should be given special attention to ensure that all stakeholders come together to further that course as a way of saving the country from its negative impacts.