Tanzania’s largest gas discoveries: a huge opportunity for the people of Tanzania and its economy

The development of deep-water gas has the potential to transform Tanzania with the job opportunities it will create for Tanzanians, the gas it will provide to power the country’s industrialization and the revenues the Government will get from the project. There is more than enough gas for own consumption in the country for current and future use for both power and use in industries as well as selling to global LNG market that is projected to grow vastly in the next 20 years.

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Liquefied natural gas (LNG)

We cool natural gas to make a liquid, shrinking its volume 600 times for easy shipping to distant markets.

Natural gas

We are helping to power lives around the world with natural gas, the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon.

The energy future

How will the world produce more, cleaner energy to power our homes and cities, and fuel our vehicles in decades to come?

Deep water

Shell has a long history of developing energy projects using its knowledge, experience and proven deep-water technologies to unlock new resources safely and efficiently. Read more about Shell’s deep-water work around the world.

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